Issue 7 (in progress)

Table of Contents

The secrets of the brain. An evolutionary perspective on neuroscience

Building brains that can evolve: Challenges and prospects for evo-devo neurobiology PDF
Georg F Striedter
Architect genes of the brain: A look at brain evolution through genoarchitecture PDF
Jose Luis Ferran
Next stop: Language. The ‘FOXP2’ gene’s journey through time PDF
Adriana Schatton, Constance Scharff
Human brain evolution: How the increase of brain plasticity made us a cultural species PDF
Aida Gómez-Robles, Chet C. Sherwood
From metaphor to action: Embodied language cognition PDF
Pilar Casado

Interference. The troubled relationship between science and ideology

Evolutionary biology and beliefs: How ideology can draw different social stances from science PDF
Michael Ruse
Charles Darwin and ideology: Rethinking the Darwinian revolution PDF
Janet Browne
Science and ideology: The case of physics in Nazi Germany PDF
Philip Ball
The conversion of the atom: Nuclear science and ideology in Francoist Spain PDF
Xavier Roqué Rodríguez
A reconciliation with Darwin? Divergent views on evolutionism in Erich Wasmann and Jaime Pujiula, biologists and Jesuits PDF
Juli Peretó, Jesús I. Català

SheScience. Science from a gender perspective

An open path for gender equality in research: When women scientists question the state of science and the institutions embrace the criticism
Ana Sánchez, Teresa Samper-Gras, Marcela Jabbaz, Capitolina Díaz
Science from women’s lives. Better Science? How gendered studies improve science and lives
Carmen Magallón Portolés
Breaking the glass ceiling: The defense of the doctoral thesis as a key moment
Nazareth Gallego Morón
Gender research from multiple disciplines: Profiles, commitments and interrelations in an interdisciplinary group
Marine Buet
The science of difference: The invisibility of women in health sciences
Carme Valls-Llobet
Crazy about science: The difficulty of mixing accountability and caregiving
Sandra Obiol Francés, Alícia Villar Aguilés

Violent universe. High-energy astrophysics and cosmology in the twenty-first century

Interstellar travel guide: Chronicles of a violent universe
Manel Perucho, José A. Font
A mysterious Universe: Revealing the bright and dark sides of the cosmos
Susana Planelles, Veronica Biffi
An extraordinary view of the universe: The use of X-ray vision in space science
Aneta Siemiginowska
Space, time, and irreversibility: The philosophical problems of contemporary astrophysics
Gustavo Esteban Romero
The extragalactic gamma-ray sky: A view on the most powerful phenomena in the universe
Monica Orienti
Another way of looking at the sky: Neutrino telescopes
Juan Zúñiga Román, Juan de Dios Zornoza Gómez, Juan José Hernández Rey
Ghost particles in the universe: Neutrinos in astrophysics and cosmology
Georg Gottfried Raffelt
Astronomy and space on the big screen: How accurately has cinema portrayed space travel and other astrophysical concepts?
Miguel Alcubierre

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