The extragalactic gamma-ray sky: A view on the most powerful phenomena in the universe

Monica Orienti


The gamma-ray sky provides a look into the most energetic and violent processes of the universe. In the last years, gamma-ray satellites are scanning the sky for understanding the physics governing the gamma-ray emission. A wealth of information on the physics of the gamma-ray sky has been obtained by gamma-ray satellites orbiting around the Earth. So far, roughly three thousands sources have been detected in gamma-rays, and this number is going to increase as the gamma-ray missions continue to survey the sky. The high energy sky is dominated by extragalactic objects. A large fraction of the detected sources has no obvious counterpart in catalogs at other wavelengths, leaving their nature under debate. This contribution will focus on the extragalactic gamma-ray sky, its properties and processes at work with the aim of discussing the main issues highly debated in the astrophysical community.


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