Mètode Science Studies Journal - Annual Review

Mètode Science Studies Journal - Annual Review

Mètode SSJMètode Science Studies Journal (ISSN 2174-3487 - eISSN 2174-9221) is a yearly peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research, commentary and analysis on current research and science communication. We accept articles on all fields of science, which undergo a double-blind peer review quality process.

Mètode SSJ is indexed in Scopus, Emerging Source Citation Index, ERIH Plus and Latindex, among others.

Issue 11 (online prepublication)

Mètode Science Studies Journal - Volume 11

Documentary texts

Fulvio Mazzocchi

The plants of the future. Genome editing in biotechnology

Concha Gómez-Mena
Diego Orzáez
Juan Carlos del Pozo
Selena Giménez-Ibánez
F. Javier Medina

Standards. The building blocks of complexity

Victor de Lorenzo
Juli Peretó, Manuel Porcar
Pablo Schyfter
Sergi Valverde
Michele S. Garfinkel

Good to eat. Food and health at a time of information overload

Patricia Marcela Aguirre
Raul Zamora-Ros, Carlos Alberto González
Clara Gómez-Donoso, Miguel A. Martínez-González, Maira Bes-Rastrollo
Maria Manera, Gemma Salvador
M Carmen Blanco-Gandia, Macarena Gonzalez-Portilla, Marta Rodriguez-Arias
Jose Miguel Soriano del Castillo, M. Inmaculada Zarzo Llobell
Joanna Zajac, Paulina Głodo, Malgorzata M Bala

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