Mètode Science Studies Journal - Annual Review

Mètode Science Studies Journal - Annual Review

Mètode SSJMètode Science Studies Journal (ISSN 2174-3487 - eISSN 2174-9221) is a yearly peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research, commentary and analysis on current research and science communication. We accept articles on all fields of science, which undergo a double-blind peer review quality process.

Mètode SSJ is indexed in Scopus, Emerging Source Citation Index, ERIH Plus and Latindex, among others.

Issue 11 (online prepublication)

Mètode Science Studies Journal - Volume 11

Documentary texts

Fulvio Mazzocchi

The plants of the future. Genome editing in biotechnology

Concha Gómez-Mena
Diego Orzáez
Juan Carlos del Pozo
Selena Giménez-Ibánez
F. Javier Medina

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