Journal of Ozone Therapy

Journal of Ozone Therapy

Journal of Ozone Therapy (JO3T) is a peer-reviewed open-access scientific journal documenting the current state of basic biology, diagnosis and treatment of Ozone Therapy.

Vol 2, No 2 (2018). TABLE OF CONTENTS


Editorial Issue 2. "The long and winding road" PDF HTML
Jose Baeza Noci  


Ozone Therapy: mechanisms of action, recent literature and newly discovered biochemical pathways [abstract] PDF
Lamberto Re  
Ozone Therapy: General protocols based on evidences [abstract] PDF
Silvia Menendez-Cepero  
Ozone Therapy: Scientific updates and researches in recent years [abstract] PDF
Silvia Menendez-Cepero  
Ozone Therapy in diabetes and its complications [abstract] PDF
Silvia Menendez-Cepero, Olga Sonia Leon, Gregorio Martinez-Sanchez, Hector Alvarez  
Ozone Therapy in leg ulcers of patients with chronic venous insufficiency [abstract] PDF
Silvia Menendez-Cepero  
Ozone Therapy: Teratogenic study of ozone. Possible indications in obstetrics and gynecology [abstract] PDF
Silvia Menendez-Cepero  
Efficacy and safety of Ozone Therapy for patients with chronic hepatitis B: A multicenter, randomized clinical trial [abstract] PDF
Hong Yu, Pingyan Chen, Jilin Chen, Wei Dai, Zhimin Wu, Yabing Guo  
Ozone Therapy as a treatment modality for temporo-mandibular joint dysfunction [abstract] PDF
Emad T. Daif, Hamdy Y. Basha  
Integration of Ozone Therapy for head and neck infective and chronic disease [abstract] PDF
Philip Mollica  
The efficacy of Ozone Therapy on different types of lumbar disc herniation: Proposal for guidance updates [abstract] PDF
Xiaofeng He  
Ozone Therapy in joint pathology [abstract] PDF
Gautam Shah  
Ozone therapy in multiple disabled children [abstract] PDF
Rajeshwari Buch  
Role of ozone Disc Nucleolysis in Herniated intervertebral Disc: The Indian experience [abstract] PDF
Sharad Ghatge  
Ozonated Water, Ozonated Water, Ozonated Oil and its Products [abstract] PDF
Jignasha Captain  
Chronic Kidney Disease - CKD [abstract] PDF
Vipul J. Kakkad  
Neurological deficits treated with ozone therapy [abstract] PDF
Vipul J. Kakkad  
Ozone Therapy in Integrated Cancer Management [abstract] PDF
A. Sreekumar  
How To Combine Ozone Therapies With Other Modalities For Maximum Efficacy [abstract] PDF
Suresh Shottam  
Ozone Therapy in Gynecology [abstract] PDF
Sunayna Bande  
Extra Corporeal Oxygenation & Ozonation, EBOO & AQUAPHERESIS method of Ozone Therapy, Clinical Application in Chronic Diseases [abstract] PDF
Kenny Yong-Yean-Sirn  
Chelation and Ozone Combination – the knock-out blow in treating ischemic heart disease [abstract] PDF
Lenny Da-Costa  
Percutaneous direct ozone injection in solid tumours [abstract] PDF
Praveen K. Saxena  
Possible errors in pain treatment with ozone [abstract] PDF
Stefan Tiron  
Knee and Hip Osteoarthritis [abstract] PDF
Jose Baeza-Noci  
Paravertebral injections: techniques and indications [abstract] PDF
Jose Baeza-Noci  
Ozone therapy in oxidative stress disorders and evaluation of C-reactive proteins [abstract] PDF
Mili A. Shah  
Ozone in the treatment of musculoskeletal infections [abstract] PDF
Srikanth Sundaresh



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