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Back pain “not just herniated disc”: results of treatment with oxygen-ozone therapy in selected applications.


Low back pain and lumbosciatica are highly disabling pathologies, more and more widespread in every social category and manifest themselves at an
increasingly precocious age. They can be supported by numerous different vertebral pathologies, often concomitant: diseases of the disc, of the facet joints, spondylolysis (with or without listesis), somatic and interapophyseal arthrosis, stenosis of the vertebral canal, radicular and synovial cysts, meningiomas, primary or metastatic neoplastic pathology etc.
In order to choose the best therapy, in cases of low back pain and / or sciatica pain, a precise diagnosis made after a careful objective examination and supported by suitable instrumental examinations is therefore essential. In particular, in addition to standard radiograms of the spine, in these patients the Computed Tomography and / or Magnetic Resonance Imaging is essential.
In recent years, several studies have demonstrated the utility of oxygen-ozone therapy in the treatment of herniated discs with the result of herniated discs reduced in size.
In this study the authors evaluated the therapeutic results obtained in the treatment with oxygen-ozone therapy of 416 patients suffering from non-discogenic low back pain caused by pathology of the posterior vertebral compartment (facet synovitis, Baastrup syndrome, spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis, facet degeneration).


medical ozone; spine diseases; chronic pain

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