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The remedy ozone for prevention and as effective method for treatment of sars.Cov-2-infection.


Due to the oxidation-sensitive cysteine groups in spikes and proteases, reactions with ozone occur which make it difficult for the spikes to enter the cell and for the protease to be activated.
There are 3 key positions where ozone therapy becomes effective:
• Virus spikes
• ACE2 cell receptor and Nrf2 (Nuclear Factor 2)
• Nf?B (Nuclear Factor Kappa B)
The earlier ozone is used the lower the viral load will be.
Other supporting effects of ozone therapy:
• Hypocoagulation
• Activation and modulation of the immune system
• Prevention and treatment of bacterial superinfections
• Increasing the depleted antioxidant potential
• Increase of blood circulation and oxygen supply
• Analgesia in case of muscle pain or joint pain
• Increase of serotonin, helpful against depressions
• Application as a “dead vaccine”
Ozone is a very important part of the therapy of SARS-Cov-2, but we should never forget of the necessary orthomolecular supplement, only in combination the maximum effect can be achieved.

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