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Comparative analysis of 2 groups of people according to age and sex, vaccinated triple versus covid-19, were subjected to quantitative analysis of antibodies and B lymphocytes after ozone therapy.


This is a retrospective work that analyzes the behavior of two groups of people of different sex who received triple doses of Vaccine Anti Covid19, being object one of those two groups of application of Ozone therapy via blood (AHTMy and IR), and blood samples were taken, after these cycles of ozone application, and the titles of IgG antibodies and level of B lymphocytes were quantified by the immunofluorescence method. Both groups were analyzed by covid19 test, observing that in the group that received Ozone Therapy did not develop disease and the numbers of antibody titles and B lymphocytes were much higher than the group (also being triple vaccinated) that did not receive Ozone Therapy and which in its 98% developed disease at the time of transmission of Omicron.


AHTMy (Major Self-Hemotherapy); IR (Rectal Insufflation); inmunofluorescence; IgG; ozone therapy; Omicron

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