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Diabetic foot treatment using oxygen-ozone therapy.


Diabetic, arteriopathic and/or neuropathic foot, either ulcerated or not, is a major problem for any health system, requiring significant allocations of funds. The diabetic patient often gets complications, through an inadequate lifestyle or by giving up treatment, most often due to polypragmasia. Oxygen-ozone treatment has remarkable effects in patients with diabetic foot (DFN or DFU).
A retrospective study of 50 patients with type 2 diabetes (25 with DFU and 25 with DFN), treated with oxygenozone mixture for a minimum duration of 3 months, showed the positive effect of treatment with accelerated wound healing, 70% of them having a skin lesion for more than one year. Decreased glycosylated hemoglobin, blood pressure regulation and increased distal skin sensitivity were added to the healing of skin lesions, using only oxygen-ozone therapy (systemic and local) combining personalized diet, physical activity and the correction of vitamin D levels. Most patients avoided amputation or it was minimal, only in the case of necrotic tissues without vascularization.
The results obtained recommend the use of oxygen-ozone therapy, especially in the case of patients proposed for amputation, but especially in the prevention of the dreaded complications of diabetes.


type 2 diabetes; ulcerated and neuropathic diabetic foot; oxygen-ozone therapy; amputation

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