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Ozone therapy in chronic viral hepatitis C in third age patients


Chronic viral hepatitis C (HCV) is a global medical problem, its prevalence increases with age and involves high morbidity and mortality in the elderly population. The disease progresses slowly and is detected, accidentally, leading to devitalization of the body and it’s difficult to treat. In most cases, hepatitis C leads to complications such as cirrhosis (20-25%), ascites, liver carcinoma (5%), hepatocellular failure. The usual line of treatment is expensive, involves major side effects and low efficiency, high number of comorbidities, polypragmatism makes the difference for the elderly with the need to individualize treatment. Overlapping pathological changes with age-dependent ones determine the clinical picture with decreased physical activity and loss of functionality. The present study aimed to update HCV treatment regimens in the elderly by including ozone therapy, evaluating clinical, para clinical and functional efficacy.

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