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Sinergies between ozone and nutrition against inflammation and degeneration.


We understood that all chronic, degenerative and infectious diseases, except congenital genetic ones, develop in an acidic cellular environment, derive their origin from intestinal dysbiosis, a chronic inflammatory state, endothelitis and reduced tissue oxygen.
Common basis for the various pathologies are: chronic inflammation, intestinal dysbiosis and increase of the same inflammatory markers TNF?, IL 1?, IL 6, IL8, IL 17, CPR.
According to our experience , in serious diseases such as tumors, MS and other autoimmune diseases, the rapid improvement of symptoms and the reduction of cytokines is not possible only with low doses. We can reduce inflammation and hypoxia with ozone therapy, which when used in association with other epigenetic factors can give us results that we did not believe possible.


medical ozone; multiple sclerosis; autoimmune diseases;

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