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Ozone therapy in the treatment of covid 19 infection and our clinical experience.


Covid 19, which was diagnosed for the first time in Wuhan, China turned into a pandemic that affected the whole world, 265 million people were infected and 5 million 300 thousand people died, according to the December 2021 data. While researchers investigate effective treatment methods for Covid19 Virus, vaccine studies are carried out to control the corona epidemical all over the World. Considering the effects of ozone therapy on the immune system based on the clinical studies, the treatment protocols for Covid 19 were created in the early stages of the pandemic.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of ozone therapy in early and late stages of the Covid 19 infection in hospitalized patients in the State Hospital-Istanbul.
1st episode April-June 2020, 2nd episode September-December 2020, and 3rd episode March 2021-March 2022. In the 1st episode the hospitalization criteria was different, we hospitalized 80 patients in early stage, the 2d and 3rd episodes hospitalization criteria changed and we hospitalized 353 patients but due to the criteria the hospitalization was later so the results changed accordingly.
We used Rectal Insufflations of 450 ml ozone Oxygen gas mixture 30 mcgr/ml daily for 5 days. We have concluded that early hospitalization and early ozonization decrease the duration of hospitalization and mortality.


Covid19; ozone therapy; WFOT

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