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VII Congress of the WFOT


Dear friends,
I wholeheartedly welcome you all to the 7th WORLD OZONE THERAPY FEDERATION CONGRESS, hosted between 5th – 7th of May in Bucharest, Romania.
We are pleased to welcome a large number of participants from 25 countries despite the global challenges that are we all faced with (the on-going Covid pandemic and war in Ukraine). On this occasion, I wish to send our thoughts of support and compassion to our colleagues in Ukraine, who are currently facing the atrocities of war and humanitarian crisis.
The conditions for practicing ozone therapy are still quite difficult due to the opposition of medical officials from various countries. Thus, it is essential that we continue our efforts to develop scientific papers that support the benefits of the ozone therapy. I am sure that through our common efforts we are one step closer to scientific acknowledgment and acceptance.

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