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Ozone applications in veterinary ophtalmology.


To evaluate the clinical improvement of 4 patients diagnosed with ophtalmic patologies treated with ozone therapy under adjusted protocols for each patient.

Four patients were presented to veterinary consultation for the diagnose of different injuries using biopsy, blood examination and fluorescein in some cases. According to the diagnose (a mare with equine recurrent uveitis (ERU), a gelding with squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), a colt with light corneal ulceration, a mare with a fusiform cell sarcoma and a filly with corneal ulceration and eyelid laceration. The ozone protocol was established using combinations of local infiltration, topic instillation of ozonized oil, topic instillation of ozonized injectable distilled water, ozonized autologous serum, major and minor autohemotherapy. The results showed an improvement of general state of the patients, complete disappearance of ERU in patient 1 and complete remission in patient 2 –SCC- after clinical monitoring of biannual control. In patient diagnosed with light corneal ulceration, the injury and edema completely disappeared.
In patient 4, surgical excision was performed and subsequently ozone therapies were performed, non-recurrence of the lesion was achieved.
Patient number 5 improved 100% 48 hours after the treatment. Evidence can be shown.

Despite the fact that ophtalmological problems are delicate and the current pharmacology helps to solve them, it was shown that the results obtained with ozone therapy were overwhelming, there were no complications and there have been no recurrences in the problems that commonly occur with conventional treatments.

Due to the results, it can be concluded that ozone therapy can be used to treat ophthalmic problems associated to different origins and that in cancer problems there are no recurrence of the pathology.

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