No 6 (2011)

Spring (January-Juny, 2011)

No 6 (2011)

Monograph: Second Life and Other Virtual Worlds in Education


Introducing Information and Communication Technologies in Statistics Education PDF
Mónica Giuliano, Silvia N. Pérez, Aldo Sacerdoti 1-9
A Learning Methodology For Teaching Computer Basics in Non-Technical Degrees PDF
Francisco Grimaldo Moreno, Miguel Arevalillo Herráez 10-20
Statistics Teaching in Psychology: An Interdisciplinar Collaboration Experience with the Social Work and Psychology Subject PDF
Jesús Gabriel Molina, María Florencia Rodrigo, Tomás Bonavía 21-29
The Descriptive Statistics and the ICT PDF
Elena Bárcena Martín, Encarnación Macarena Parrado Gallardo, Luis José Imedio Olmedo, Beatriz Lacomba Arias 30-37

Monograph: Second Life and Other Virtual Worlds in Education

Visual Metaphors in Virtual Worlds. The Example of NANEC 2010-11 PDF
Dolors Capdet 38-45
Practical Teaching in 3D: Virtual Mock Trials PDF
Raquel Escutia Romero, Esther Monterroso Casado 46-54
Arquitecture in the Online Universe PDF
Javier Fernandez Garcia 55-62

Learning with ICT

Perceived service quality in postgraduate studies: an integrated perspective in the IMBA program PDF
María Luisa Andreu Simó, Joaquín Aldás Manzano, Amparo Cerverá Taulet 63-70
The Unification of Subjects Related with Digital Signal Processing at the University of Valencia PDF
Juan Francisco Guerrero Martínez, Juan Caravaca Moreno, Marcelino Martínez Sober, Emilio Soria Olivas, José David Martín Guerrero, Javier Calpe Maravilla, Luis Gómez Chova, José Rafael Magdalena Benito, Antonio José Serrano López, Juan Gómez Sanchis 71-76
Infinite Aula. An Approach to the Identity of Future High-School Professionals of Drawing PDF
Ricard Vicent Huerta Ramón, Ricardo Domínguez Ruiz 77-85
An Example of Dinamics Role-Playing in a Law Subject PDF
Encarnación La Spina 86-90
Evaluation of Student Using Telematic Solutions: The Questionnaires' Project PDF
María Carmen Martínez Tomás, María Pilar Utrillas Esteban, Amparo Pons Martí, Rosa García Lopera, Xavier Ponsoda Martí, José Luis Cruz, Chantal Ferrer, Domingo Martínez, Vicente Muñoz, Clodoaldo Roldán, César Coll, José A. Martínez, Roberto Pedrós, Fernando Tena, Enric Valor, Juan Barreiro, Manuel Martínez, María Luisa Cerverá, Romana Capaccioni, Fernando González, Amparo Sanz 91-95

Evaluation of Tools

Translation Using the Internet. Translation Using 'Speechy Project' PDF
Nicolás Fermín Pino James 96-98

Reading Room

Law's Learning in Spain: Beyond Manifests PDF
Francisco González Castilla 99-104

The Pergola

Teaching in Economy and Cooperatives: Basis for Innovative Education in Postgraduate European Programs PDF
Rafael Chaves Avila, Joan Ramon Sanchis Palacio 105-109

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