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Issue 4 (2014) A Changing Media Landscape. Science, the Public and the Press: The Case of Climate Change Abstract   PDF
Susanna Priest
Issue 4 (2014) A Diseased Ecosystem: Tackling Antibiotic Resistance from a Global Perspective Abstract   PDF
Fernando Baquero, Maria Carmen Turrientes
Issue 7 (in progress) A reconciliation with Darwin? Divergent views on evolutionism in Erich Wasmann and Jaime Pujiula, biologists and Jesuits Abstract   PDF
Juli Peretó, Jesús I. Català
Issue 6 (2016) A vindication of ethnobotany: Between natural and social science Abstract   PDF
Joan Vallès Xirau, Teresa Garnatje
Issue 3 (2013) An Obstacle Race. Four Pioneers in the Field of Psychology Abstract   PDF
Annette Mülberger
Issue 7 (in progress) An open path for gender equality in research: When women scientists question the state of science and the institutions embrace the criticism Abstract
Ana Sánchez, Teresa Samper-Gras, Marcela Jabbaz, Capitolina Díaz
Issue 6 (2016) Analysis of health communication texts: UK press coverage of debates about assisted dying Abstract   PDF
Clive Seale
Issue 5 (2015) Antoni de Martí Franquès and Spontaneous Generation: Conflicts between Science and Religion in the Work of a Naturalist Abstract   PDF
Agustí Camós
Issue 7 (in progress) Architect genes of the brain: A look at brain evolution through genoarchitecture Abstract   PDF
Jose Luis Ferran
Issue 6 (2016) Arguing to convince: The rhetoric of scientific discourse Abstract   PDF
Tomás Albaladejo
Issue 4 (2014) Beyond Genetics: Cancer and Environmental Factors Abstract   PDF
Vicente Guillem Porta, María José Juan Fita
Issue 5 (2015) Big Data and Statistics: A Statistician’s Perspective Abstract   PDF
David Rossell
Issue 7 (in progress) Breaking the glass ceiling: The defense of the doctoral thesis as a key moment Abstract
Nazareth Gallego Morón
Issue 4 (2014) Breast Cancer Today: Advances in Breast Cancer Epidemiology Abstract   PDF
Marina Pollán
Issue 6 (2016) Bringing the University to the foreground Details   PDF
Esteban Morcillo
Issue 7 (in progress) Building brains that can evolve: Challenges and prospects for evo-devo neurobiology Abstract   PDF
Georg F Striedter
Issue 7 (in progress) Charles Darwin and ideology: Rethinking the Darwinian revolution Abstract   PDF
Janet Browne
Issue 3 (2013) Collaboration 2.0: Prospects of Popular Science Abstract   PDF
Sergio Parra Castillo
Issue 6 (2016) Consensus and contrarianism on climate change: How the USA case informs dynamics elsewhere Abstract   PDF
Maxwell Boykoff
Issue 4 (2014) Conservation Genetics: Applying Evolutionary Concepts to the Conservation of Biological Diversity Abstract   PDF
Armando Caballero Rúa
Issue 4 (2014) Darwin and Animal Breeding: Evolution Applied to Breeding Improvements Abstract   PDF
Miguel Ángel Toro Ibáñez
Issue 6 (2016) Disaster, uncertainty, opportunity or risk? Key messages from the television coverage of the IPCC’s 2013/2014 reports Abstract   PDF
James Painter
Issue 5 (2015) Dispersal in Primates. Variation in Patterns and Causes. Abstract   PDF
Pablo Polo Rodrigo
Issue 5 (2015) Distributive Justice and Evolution. Towards a Science of Equality Abstract   PDF
Paula Casal
Issue 5 (2015) Disturbed Minds in the Nineteenth Century: the Tales of Edgar Allan Poe and Guy de Maupassant. Abstract   PDF
Martín Urdiales Shaw
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