Science in Verne and Poe: The Pym case

Juan Marcos Bonet Safont


In 1897, Jules Verne’s novel An antarctic mystery was published both in periodical form and as a complete book. It is a continuation of Edgar Allan Poe’s story The narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket (1838). In this article, we will use the plots of both novels to show the different images of science and technology presented by the two authors. We address both Verne’s and Poe’s approach to science, as conveyed through their fictional stories. We also discuss how Verne’s scientific descriptions are much more extensive than Poe’s, a testament to Verne’s rational and learned character, as opposed to Poe’s more fantastic and imaginative approach to science.


Poe; Verne; science and literature; Pym; South Pole

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