New era in the fight against cancer: Evolution and cancer: Progress in tumour treatments


In recent decades, oncohematology has witnessed major advances in cancer treatment and survival. The toxicity associated with classical chemotherapy, and the need to improve the efficacy and tolerance to treatment, have led to a flood of research activity and many fruitful results. Much of this effort has been focused on developing «targeted therapies» directed against specific functional alterations, which are key to tumour cell survival. Thus, greater treatment efficacy is sought whilst the patient pays a lower cost in terms of toxicity. Advances in other fields of oncology and epidemiology, surgery and radiation therapy have also contributed to the constant advancement of oncology. In short, we glimpse a future ahead that is full of hope for cancer patients and, at the same time, exciting for physicians and researchers alike.


targeted therapies; anti-target drugs; tyrosine kinase inhibitors; resistance mechanisms; screening


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