The dinosaurs of the Maestrat Basin: Evolution of hadrosauriforms in the eastern Iberian Peninsula

Andrés Santos Cubedo


The Maestrat Basin, in the Iberian Range, has proved to be a key point for the study of the hadrosauriform dinosaurs of the Lower Cretaceous in Europe. The Aliaga, Galve, and Morella sub-basins have all yielded abundant fossils of Mesozoic vertebrates, among which dinosaurs, and especially hadrosauriform styracosternan ornithopods, are the most abundant group from these areas. In this article, we review recent findings in the Maestrat Basin, which suggest that the diversity of this clade during the Barremian–Albian interval was greater than originally thought, providing us with valuable information for the study and understanding of the evolution of these dinosaurs.


Ornithopoda; Dinosauria; Laurasia; Lower Cretaceous; Iberian Peninsula

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