Mètode Science Studies Journal - Annual Review

Mètode Science Studies Journal - Annual Review

Mètode Science Studies Journal (ISSN 2174-3487 - eISSN 2174-9221) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research, commentary and analysis on current research and science communication. The online version of the journal (www.uv.es/metode) updates its content quarterly. Articles published in the online version are also collected in the printed Annual Review of the magazine. We accept articles on all fields of science, which undergo a double-blind peer review quality process.

Mètode SSJ is indexed in Scopus, Emerging Source Citation Index, ERIH Plus and Latindex, among others.

Issue 8 (in progress)

Documentary texts

The role of the brain in financial decisions: A viewpoint on neuroeconomics PDF
Guillermo Mateu, Lucas Monzani, Roger Muñoz Navarro
Nature as a political question: Alexander von Humboldt and power networks PDF
Bernat Lladó i Mas
The seed of ‘La Evolución’: The development of human paleontology in Spain in recent decades
Antonio Rosas

The millennium problems. Challenges to further mathematics

Old mathematical challenges: Precedents to the millennium problems PDF
Sergio Segura de León
The Riemann hypothesis: The great pending mathematical challenge PDF
Pilar Bayer
Navier-Stokes equations: Unpredictability even without butterflies? PDF
Xavier Mora
The Hodge conjecture: The complications of understanding the shape of geometric spaces PDF
Vicente Muñoz Velázquez
Poincaré conjecture: A problem solved after a century of new ideas and continued work PDF
María Teresa Lozano Imízcoz

Sapiens. In the path of the human being

Evolution of the ‘Homo’ genus: New mysteries and perspectives PDF
Jordí Agustí
History and reality of the genus ‘Homo’: What is it and why do we think so? PDF
Ian Tattersall
A brief history of palaeogenomics: How a young discipline revolutionised the study of the past PDF
Carles Lalueza-Fox
Out of Africa: An alternative scenario for the first human dispersal in Eurasia PDF
Jordí Agustí, David Lordkipanidze
‘Homo sapiens’: who are we? Essential traits of our species PDF
Eudald Carbonell, José María Bermúdez de Castro, Robert Sala

The scam of pseudoscience

How connected are the major forms of irrationality? An analysis of pseudoscience, science denial, fact resistance, and alternative facts
Sven Ove Hansson
Whence pseudoscience? An epidemiological approach
Stefaan Blancke, Maarten Boudry, Johan Braeckman
From creationism to economics: How far should analyses of pseudoscience extend?
Taner Edis
Dismantling the rhetoric of alternative medicine: Smokescreens, errors, conspiracies, and follies
Edzard Ernst, Angelo Fasce
Pseudoscience and bad science in biomedicine: Analysis of evidence, health risks, and media dissemination
Gonzalo Casino
Divans and gurus: Origin and dangers of clinical pseudopsychology
Angelo Fasce
The appeal-to-nature fallacy: Homeopathy and biodynamic agriculture in official EU regulations
José Miguel Mulet
Airplane clouds: From chemtrail pseudoscience to the science of contrails
Jordi Mazon, Marcel Costa, David Pino
How to be a reasonable and critical arguer: Suggestions for addressing pseudoscientists and other species critically
Jesús Alcolea Banegas

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