Editorial: Good practices in Literary Education


This issue of the Journal of Literary Education is dedicated to Good Practices, i.e. case studies,
methods, teaching practices and activities that have proven to be successful and useful for
the teaching of literature and literary education in general. However, Good Practices are
inextricably linked to the theory, theoretical developments and paradigm shifts that have
shaped literary education as an academic subject. Thus, good practices reflect a shift in
philosophy and teaching methodology in the teaching of literature, moving the teaching of
literature away from the strict text-centered model. Literature teaching is now understood as
a field of self-active learning and creation, experiential literary experience, active reading and
making sense of the world of texts. The cultivation of literacy, aesthetic enjoyment, the
effortless interaction of the student-reader with the text, multiple activations and student
expressions are just some of the main axes of the good practices presented in the
contributions of this special issue.

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