Vol 22 (2017)

Words, Corpus and Back to Words

Vol 22 (2017)

Miguel Fuster-Márquez
Moisés Almela
Words, Corpus and Back to Words: From Language to Discourse PDF
Miguel Fuster-Márquez, Moisés Almela 9-12
Corpus analysis of phraseology in an A1 level textbook of German as a foreign language PDF
Maria Rosario Bautista Zambrana 13-32
Getting rid of the Chi-square and Log-likelihood tests for analysing vocabulary differences between corpora PDF
Yves Bestgen 33-56
"The annoying servant": Characterization in the TV series Águila Roja PDF
Luisa Chierichetti 57-78
Impartially prosecuting “the total contempt for the Constitution”: Evaluative lexis in the criminal complaint filed by the Public Prosecutor of Catalonia against Carme Forcadell i Lluís PDF
Giovanni Garofalo 79-103
The malleability behind terms referring to common professional roles: the current meaning of “boss” in British newspapers PDF
Rosa Giménez-Moreno, Francisco Miguel Ivorra-Pérez 105-128
A quantitative survey of N Prep N constructions in Romance languages and prepositional variability PDF
Inga Hennecke, Harald Baayen 129-146
Corpus linguistics and contrastive phraseology (German-Spanish): The multi word units of [PREP+N] structure. The case of entre lágrimas and under Tränen PDF
Ana Belén Mansilla Pérez 147-164
Assessing EPAP lexical features: A corpus-based study PDF
María José Marín, Camino Rea Rizzo 165-186
Translator’s creativity in cultural elements transposition: a corpus-based study PDF
Virginia Mattioli 187-213
Corpus-driven insights into the discourse of women survivors of Intimate Partner Violence PDF
Alfonso Sánchez-Moya 215-243
Immigration metaphors in a corpus of legal English: an exploratory study of EAL learners’ metaphorical production and awareness PDF
Emilia Castaño Castaño, Natalia Judith Laso Martín, Isabel Verdaguer Clavera 245-272

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