Pragmaestilística i traducció: a propòsit de «La marquesa d'O»


In the last years ans in the field of translation into Catalan, there has been a lot of interest on the relationship between stylistics and translation. This line of research has been influenced by concepts developed by the Manipulation School, the theory of the polysystem and the literary translation. However, most of the studies have focussed on well-known translations and have ignored some of the translators whose work illustrates the relationship betwen stylistics
and translation. This paper compares some stylistic aspects in the translation of «Die Marquise von O» by Martínez Ferrando with a more recent translation of this work by Feliu Formosa. Taking into account the pragmastylistic aspects observed in the firt lines of the translations analysed, the relationship between stylistic models ans translation is illustrated.

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pragamaestilística; traducció; «La marquesa d'O»; Martínez Ferrando;

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