L’aportació del Gazophylacium catalano-latinum, de Joan Lacavalleria, a la terminologia catalana


The publication in 1696 of the Catalan-Latin dictionary Gazophylacium Catalano-Latinum by Joan Lacavalleria led to the incorporation into Catalan of a large number of technical terms, in spite of the early modern sociocultural context being unfavourable to scientific and technical developments. The Gazophylacium is the Catalan version of a French-Latin dictionary, Le Dictionaire royal augmenté by François-Antoine Pomey. Therefore, Lacavalleria may be considered as an initiator of the systematic transfer procedure of terminological units of French origin into Catalan, which were also adopted by many other languages of culture until well into the twentieth century, and that favoured the circulation of internationalisms. This article mainly describes the terminological units transferred from the French source into Catalan, examines the main proceedings of terminological formation and the adapting process of French terms into Catalan and, lastly, it accounts for the reception and subsequent implementation of these terms.


Joan Lacavalleria; Gazophylacium Catalano-Latinum; dictionaries; specialized vocabulary; terms; technical terms; loanwords


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