L'aragonés i el lèxic valencià. Una aproximació


This paper shows that the contact with Aragonese has shaped the structure of Valencian vocabulary. Many words
traditionally accounted for as Valencian mozarabisms should rather be viewed as aragonesisms or castilianisms;
some of them arrived in remote times, as the new Valencian Kingdom was being populated. The penetration of
these words must have been strengthened when the linguistic reference model weakened as from the 16th century.
The texts show, from early times, the coexistence of two synonyms (Aragonese/Catalan word) which, after a
covariation period, ended up with the prevalence of the word closest to Aragonese (or to Spanish, in later periods).
The old word was either given up or limited to specific senses and/or usage. Part of the vocabulary shared between
Valencian and Aragonese areas appears all along the arc spanning from Navarre to Eastern Andalusia.

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aragonés; català; lèxic; mossàrab; Regne de València

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