Dues menes de frontera (lingüística i administrativa), diversos models de parlars (i de parlants) xurros fronterers


This paper deals with various questions concerning the two types of border involved in the so-called xurra area: the linguistic border between Catalan (Valencian) and Castilian Spanish (Castilian-Aragonese), and the administrative border between Aragon and País Valencià. Based on data from linguistic atlases (ALEANR, ALPI) and linguistic monographs, the author also examines the distinguishing features of such varieties (basically catalanisms and aragonesisms), and different possibilities for interpretation. Finally, an attempt at a typology of border xurro varieties and speakers is offered: varieties (and speakers) from linguistic borders (1), from administrative
borders (2), from linguistic and administrative borders (3), and the exceptional case of the Racó d’Ademús (4), with its own isolated areas.

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xurro; català; valencià; aragonés; frontera

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