(Re)producció, traducció i manipulació. Qüestions d'identitat i localització en un context valencià


The question of identity in Valencian Catalan writing is necessarily linked bothnto the language model («model de llengua») followed by authors in original works and in
translation, and to the dialogue of this model with actual local varieties. This articlenapproaches the question from the perspective of ideology in discourse, namely thenconstruction of a dialectics of belonging or not belonging, Us and Them, that is atnwork in any linguistic element and at all levels of language. In my discussion of such dialectics of cultural articulation and self-translation I present several examples of recontextualization with relevant ideological implications: intralinguistic translation
between contemporary Catalan-Valencian varieties, interlinguistic translation in the Valencian standard variety, and biased quotations / translations of medieval texts with a secessionist ideological purpose.

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Translation; language Model; local Varieties; Ideology in discourse

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