Joan Roís de Corella, La Istòria de Leànder y Hero: edizione critica con studio introduttivo


This contribution is a further partial anticipation of the critical edition of the mythological faules by Joan Roís de Corella
(15th century) for Editorial Barcino, following a previous one also appeared in Magnificat CLM (3, 2016). It focuses on
one of Corella's most mature and significant faules, as well as one of the most prestigious testimonies both of the presence of the myth of Hero and Leander in the Iberian 15th century, and of the peninsular reception of the Heroides. The paper has two parts. The first part, Introduction, summarizes the current situation of the studies related to the Istòria. Next, an analysis of the literary memory that supports the faula’s discursive construction is provided, aiming to demonstrate how it actualizes a game of mirroring, projections, refractions, intertextual references, and symbolic-allusive evocations that make res and characters the revival of a plurality of classical and medieval models. Such a revival becomes loaded of a new pathetic energy. Our analysis is based on certain thematic words and specific topical-rhetorical matrixes, reused either a lo profano or a lo divino, always within the idea of “dying together" and of love beyond death. It focuses on the communication strategies through which this ficció sentimental’s text (a point of convergence for thematic, metaphorical and figural weaving, anchored to the Tristanian, lyrical-amorous, ausiasmarquiana, cancioneril and Passionist imagery of planctus virginis) transforms memory and reuses it into an invention. The second part of the paper is the critical edition of the text. Anticipated by the Criteria of Edition, it contains the Text, with footnotes concerning the constitutio textus, and the Critical Apparatus.


Medieval Catalan literature; Joan Roís de Corella; mythological narratives; Leander and Hero; critical edition; medieval Ovid

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