Salmos 32:11-36:7 y 78:25-81:2: nuevos fragmentos de la Biblia castellana romanceada del monasterio de Santa María de la Sisla


The study of archival collections from medieval religious orders has made it possible to locate a second fragment of a
medieval Spanish Bible, from the Hieronymian monastery of Santa María de la Sisla (Toledo). It is a bifolia from the book
of Psalms that belonged to the same codex as the recently identified Ezekiel fragment (=S1). In this article the finding is
reported, the liber tradens is described, specifying its meaning and value to ensure monastery rents, the fragments that it
transmits are given: part of a bifolia in parchment of the s. XIII and biblical bifolia that serves as cover, focusing especially
on the description of this second fragment (= S2). Next, the relationships between S2 and Esc. I-I-3 are examined, a
filiation hypothesis and, finally, a palaeographic transcription of the text are offered.


Medieval Spanish Bible translations; translations; fragments; textual criticism; codicology; Hieronymites; Santa María de la Sisla monastery

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