El sirventès en la poesia catalana dels segles XIV-XV: un catàleg


The sirventes of the troubadour era has been broadly studied, but there are not overall explanations concerning the
evolution of the sirventes genre in the Catalan-speaking lands of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. This paper
propounds a catalogue of sirventesos concerning its historical development, the troubadour models, rhetorical and
grammatical treatises, and genre assignment in rubrics. Our catalogue contains thirty-one Catalan sirventesos, including
twenty-eight extant items and three items lost. In some cases the literary motifs of the sirventes cross boundaries in a
process of poetic hybridization with other moral genres which borrow out themes, images and rhetorical strategies from
the sirventes. In order to reflect this complexity, our catalogue also includes an annex with twenty-seven texts that are not
properly sirventesos but, due to their idiosyncrasy, can be placed in the periphery of the genre.


Medieval Catalan poetry; sirventes; war poetry; moral poetry; maldit; troubadour poetry; rhetorical and grammatical treatises; literary genres; catalogue

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