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Ozone therapy, applications in surgical pathology.


The paper deals with a series of cases in the field of surgical pathology, surgically and non-surgically solved in the first private clinic with continuous hospitalisation in Oltenia region.

The benefits are particularly seen in the postoperative period. A special category is wounds, as follows:
A) Chronic, non-healing, refractory to conventional treatments or special dressings.
- Local causes: resistant germs, circulatory disorders.
- General causes: diabetes, neoplasia, immunosuppressed patients.
B) Infected ulcerated mammary neoplasms
C) Postoperative infiltration, before reaching the stage of suppuration
D) Speeding up wound healing with high substance deficiency
E) Post-operative wounds defectively healed
A retrospective study conducted on 55 patients with various surgical pathologies treated with ozone for 20-40 days demonstrates the positive effect of the treatment, with an obvious improvement of symptoms and accelerated healing of postoperative wounds.
The paper will detail cases with certain particularities: age, patient’s medical background, lesion itself, evolution under treatment.
This work should awaken and propel medical specialists to reconsider ozone therapy more carefully.

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