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Ozone in dentistry: systemic ozone therapy and local use of ozonated water and ozonated olive oil in dentistry and dental surgery


The local application of ozonated water in dentistry, as a disinfectant, as means for detoxification. Systemically administered ozone in the low concentration range (10 to 40 ?g/ml) in the form of autohemotherapy (MAH) or rectal insufflation (RI) works synergistically inducing bioregulation.
Chronic subclinical inflammations often have their origin in teeth and jawbone structures.Toxins, like the products of bacterial metabolism, may cause inflammations. Ozozated water has the potential to degrade toxins and to disinfect the surgical site from local infections. Additionally there must be taken mechanical cleansing efforts, to remove biofilms and toxins in all fields of dentistry. Toxin conjugation in the liver is activated by systemic ozone therapy.
Therapy of chronic inflammatory diseases needs both, the local application of ozonated water in dentistry and systemic ozone treatments.


ozone; ozonated water; dentistry; dental surgery; disinfection; toxin degradation; detoxification; immunoregulation

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