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Doping that it not a doping. Effects of ozone therapy in sportmen.


The primary objective of this study was measuring the contribution of ozone therapy to athletic performance.

At the beginning, we conducted a performance measurement (Astrand Treadmill Test) of the 30 (thirty) Football Players actively playing in the Turkish National League (men U19 Players of Premier League and 1st Football League Teams). After the primary measurement, 15 players were selected randomly and treated with 20 µg/ml to 30 µg/ml Major Ozone Autohemotherapy, 2 times a week for 5 weeks. The other 15 players were designated as the control group. At the end of the process, Astrand Treadmill Test was repeated with the same players on the 8th week, and their measurements were taken and compared with the first results. Results for first day average VO2 max was 51 mL/kg/min for each group. After 8 weeks, first group’s VO2 Max found averagely 61 mL/kg/min. Control group’s average VO2 Max was found 54 mL/kg/min. In the first measurement, max running time was average 25 min. for each group, and after 8 weeks it was measured as 32 min. average for the first group, and 28 min. average for the control group.

The difference in performance increase was found significant between football players who were treated and not treated with ozone therapy. All athletes performed the same training program for 8 weeks. VO2max was increased %28 in ozone therapy-treated athletes but it was increased %12 in the control group. Max running time was increased %20 at ozone therapy-treated athletes, and it was increased %6 in the control group. In terms of these results, we can say that ozone therapy will be very effective for increasing athletic performance before season or tournaments.


ozone; sportive performance; professional sport; oxygen carrier; training; WADA list

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