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Hyperbaric ozone therapy: scientific considerations [abstract]


BACKGROUND: This ozone world is little familiar with a modification of major autohemotherapy called hyperbaric ozone therapy (HBO3). This method may be a superior delivery system of ozone therapy, capturing benefits of intravenous oxygen gas as well as the oxidizing power of ozone therapy.

MATERIAL and METHODS: I will discuss a scientific comparison between the largely reviled direct intravenous ozone administration and HBO3, inclusive of a safety/efficacy survey of practicing HBO3 physicians in America.


hyperbaric ozone therapy

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  1. Schmidt, H. [Regelsberger's intravenous oxygen therapy-an interpretation of results in practice from a biochemical and physiological point of view]. Forsch Komplementarmed Klass Naturheilkd. 2002;9(1):7-18.


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