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Ozonated Water, Ozonated Water, Ozonated Oil and its Products [abstract]


Most of us are aware that ozone is basically a treatment of pure oxygen and its effect on the human body is even better. As our human body is made up of 70% of water, we used ozone in many different way, one of them is what we know as ozonated water. As ozone when mix in water it diluted thoroughly and highly purifies the water, as it is soluble in water. It maintain its tri-oxygen identity.

Biological Properties of Ozonated Water:
• It kills viruses, bacteria, fungi and algae on contact.
• It breakdown harmful synthetic chemicals into less dangerous molecules.
• It purifies the blood by rupturing the cell wall of the microorganisms.
• It kills some cancer cells, slows tumor growth, and may stop the spread of cancer.
• It provides more oxygen to the brain.
• It boosts the immune system.

Preparation of Ozonated Water:
In order to prepare this, we first use the glass cylinder filled with approximately ¾ of pure water (mineral water) through which O2-O3 gas mixture has to be bubbled continuously for at least 5-10 minutes by using diffuser to achieve saturation. The unused ozone flows out via silicon tubing in to the destructor and is converted to oxygen. As ozone physically dissolve in water therefor it's concentration is equally to approximately ¼ of total O3 concentration in gas.
If put at 20 degree, half-life of it is only 9 hours and if put at room temperature half-life is approximately 4-5 hour, only if maintained properly.
The stability of ozonated water depends largely on the temperature and also ionic contents and Ph. of water. Colder the water more ozone is absorbed and retained for a longer rate.

Drinking Ozonated water      Local Treatment       Dental use
Allergies                               Ankle sprain           Aphthous stomatitis
Cancers                               Athlete's Foot           Candida
Gastritis, indigestion             Fresh/recent wounds     Gum disease
Candidiasis                          Burns - arms & legs    Mouth ulcers
Headaches                Herpes zoster and simplex    Wound treatment
Viral infections     Pains due to bad peripheral   Disinfection after tooth
                                 blood circulation        extraction & dental work

Indication of Ozonated Water:

- Ozonated water is helpful in following diseases:

Drinking ozonated water is highly energetic water. It has to be drunk immediately on empty stomach. On regular use of ozonated water will establish high level of oxygenation in the body.

Topical application:  Ozonated water is basically applied on account of its pain relieving, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory effects as well as tissue activating property in acute & chronic injuries with & without infection. Ozonated water also being used intra operatively for rinsing. The healing time for primary scar is shortened and irritation free.

Dental use: Ozonated water strongly inhibited accumulation of experimenter dental plaque in vitro. Ozone destroys this niche in which acid loving bacteria grow. Ozone also destroys the protein coat over the lesion, which effectively protect the niche. Ozonized water can offer an efficient non antibiotic agent for the control of microorganism prior to replantation of contaminated avulsed teeth.

- Ozonated Oil and Products:

Ozone therapy has been in India since over 2 decades. Every year, the awareness among people increases rapidly due to the factor that ozone has help a lot of people in curing the disease and medical problem. As ozone has been in India for over 2 decades now, there is a body that takes care and helps in not only promoting ozone but also manufacturing and distributing ozone product. Till the date Ozone Forum Of India have come out with eight different product and still researching and working in introducing more products, and we are still working on research and development of further new products. Ozonated oíl is made by using pure vegetable sesame oil and it prepare by bubbling the O2-O3 gas mixer for about 100 to 200hrs. After this it becomes more viscous. Due to prolong ozonation, it results in the formation of ozonides and peroxide which remain stable for 1 year at room temperature and for 2 year in refrigerator. In India, after completion of full procedure in order to check the degree of ozonation we use viscosity measurement and peroxide value, finally the viscosity increase up to 60% indicating that double bonds in oil has reacted with ozone to form more bulky molecules. For peroxide value which is maintain between 300 to 2000 by checking peroxide, represents the quantity of peroxide expressing in mili equivalent of active oxygen contained in 1kg of the oil. As ozonides and peroxide are the main active ingredients therefore triozonide become stable and comes into contact with the warm exudate of the wood. This then, slowly discomposes and generate reactive oxygen species (ROS) and lipid oxidation products (LOPs). This explains the prolonged disinfectentant and stimulatory activity.

Ozonized oil helps in: Controlling bleeding, Disinfecting the lesion, Inhibiting the proliferation of potentially infective organisms, Improving metabolism, Stimulatory tissue regeneration,  . . Thus, FAST HEALING.

In India, we have eight (8) different types of ozonized products: RAPID HEAL Oil
is pure vegetable sesame oil with peroxide value is about more than 1500. It has a powerful germicidal effect and hence helps in all kind of skin related disease, non-healing ulcer, burns and dental pathology. PAIN RELIEF is healthy and safe massaging oil with main active ingredient is ozonized oil. It helps in relieving all kind of musculoskeletal pain. PAIN BALM is an instant pain relieving products. It is an extremely effective balm for body ache and joint pain. As ozonized oil is a major ingredient and due to which it helps in inflammation and reduce swelling and pain instantly. HAIR REVIVE is an effective hair oil for nourishing scalp and hair and makes hair healthy and smooth and shiny. Due to ozonated oil is an active ingredient it is very effective in dandruff and dry scalp. ANTIACIDITY OIL is excellent oil for the treatment of all kind of acidity related problem of the body. Using a unique formula with ozone, it helps in maintaining a good health by removing anaerobic germs from intestinal tract. At the same time it makes the immunity of the body stronger. SKIN BLOSSOM is a unique formula of cream with Ozonated oil is an active ingredient. Due to the pollution people's skin are effected in major way, therefore we suggest you the skin blossom, which detoxified and hydrated the skin. It also repair the skin Tissue and helps in sun burn and protect the skin. MIRAKLE CREAM makes your skin young, bright and cleaner and smoother. With the unique formula with ozone it superoxide's the skin, which in true Increase the metabolic rate and energy of the skin and promotes cell healing. As miracle also act as antioxidant, on using regularly, it helps in reducing wrinkle, aging spots and damage of dull skin, which in turn skin looks younger.


ozonated water; ozonated oil

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