Analysis of Simon Stranger´s novel Lexicon of Light and Darkness


The main goal of the paper is to point out the obscure model reader of the publication Lexicon of Light and Darkness by Simon Stranger, and thus substantiate our opinion on certain limits in defining the implicit reader of some texts with the theme of Shoah in relation to their goals. The analysis of the narrative was carried out through a content analysis of a qualitative nature. We work with the intentions of close contextual analysis, which means that we work only with the researched artistic narrative, or with other fiction, which we prove our claims. Prior to the analysis, the following research questions were determined: 1) How does the depiction of the effort to eradicate Jewish nationality differ in Stranger´s publication in comparison with other artistic narratives on the same subject? 2) How is the influence of the social environment on the mental orientation and maturation of the adolescent? 3) What strategies did Stranger choose in relation to the reader? 4) How does the perception of selected aspects of World War II by people living at different times in the context of Stranger´s publication differ? 5) To what extent is the text devoted to space and support for pluralistic interpretation by recipients?

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