Similarities between skull fragment VM-0 from Orce (Spain) and the Homo erectus holotype from trinil (Java)


In 1982, cranial fragment VM-0 was found at the Venta Micena site in the province of Granada, southern Spain. The fragment measures between 7 .5 and 9 cm in diameter, and comprises part of the two parietal bones and the upper occipitalis squama. In anatomical orientation, the fragment occupies the area of the obelion.

The curvature of this skull fragment, length of the sagittal suture, form of the suture at its most posterior end (S4), and the angle formed by this suture and the Jambdoid sutures, suggested that the fossil belonged to a primitive member of the genus Homo. It was found in association with an older Lower Pleistocene fauna! assemblage. The fossil was reported by Gibert et al. (1983) on the basis of external anatomical features only, as the internal surface was covered by tightly cemented calcareous gangue that was difficult to remove.

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