The Triassic insect fauna from Argentina. I. Auchenorrhyncha, Miomoptera and Ensifera


The present paper describes new fossil insect taxa from the Potrerillos and Los Rastros formations, from Mendoza and La Rioja Provinces respectively of Argentina, both of which are dated as late Middle Triassic to early Late Triassic. Three new genera and five new species are proposed, namely Dysmorphoptiloides acostai n. sp., Argentinocicada magna n. gen. et n. sp., Argentinocicada minuta n. sp., Potrerillia nervosa n. gen. et n. sp. (Auchenorrhyncha) and Miomina mendozina n. gen. et n. sp. (Miomoptera). The genus Notopamphagopsis Cabrera (Ensifera) is reviewed. These insects currently represent the most important documentation of a Triasssic insect fauna from South America.

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Fossil insects, South America Triassic, Auchenorrhyncha, Miomoptera, Ensifera.

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