Calcareous marine algae from the Carboniferous (Moscovian-Gzhelian) of the Cantabrian Zone (NW Spain)


A taxonomic revision of shallow-water Carboniferous (Pennsylvanian) red and green algae observed in Ponga, Picos de Europa and Pisuerga-Carrión Units in NW Spain is presented. Some microproblematics are included. Thirty-two genera are described; three genera and four species are new: Anatolipora cantabriensis n. sp., Pelayella multiporosa n. gen., n. sp., Kasimophyllum demuesensis n. gen., n. sp. and Penella pongaensis n. gen., n. sp. The microflora is typically Western Paleotethyan and remarkably similar to that observed in the Carnic Alps and Central Urals.

Palabras clave

Carboniferous microflora, taxonomy, green algae, red algae.

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