New conodont data from a Devonian-Carboniferous succession in the central sector of the Betic Cordillera (SE Spain)


A new Paleozoic outcrop in the Malaguide Complex of the central sector of the Betic Cordillera has provided the conodont species Palmatolepis angularis, Palmatolepis crepida, Palmatolepis quadrantinodosolobata, and Palmatolepis regularis, that identify the Late and Latest crepida zones (Famennian, Late Devonian). In the same outcrop, but it geometrically lower beds, the presence of Gnathodus bilineatus Romulus indicates a late Visean to latest Serpukhovian age (Early Carboniferous). This is the first time these both ages are recorded in the area. These findings confirm the intense thrust tectonics affecting the Malaguide rocks in the area, and allow us to correlate this outcrop with other better-known sectors of the Malaguide Complex, affirming the presence of the Falcoña and Almogia formations, as well as that Upper Devonian strata in a stratigraphic position equivalent to the Santi Petri Fm, but with very different facies

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Biostratigraphy, Famennian, Visean, Piar Group, Malaguide Complex

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