Arqueologia de la Memòria: els refugis antiaeris a la ciutat de València


The Spanish Civil War has left many testimonies: written sources, materials remains and, for the moment, while the witnesses still live, even oral reports. However, the value given to these sources varies depending on factors that often have little to do with scientific precision and much to do with political considerations. In line with the current debate about historic memory and the role of archaeology and heritage management in its construction, we deem it necessary that archaeologists, as well as historians, ask to take part. The aim of this paper is to analyze air-raid shelters that still exist in the city of Valencia to reclaim their heritage value and their importance in preserving memory. These buildings were the key to the passive defense of the city and, therefore, are indispensable to understanding the reality of the bombing against the civilian population and the intensity of the war in the rear.


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patrimonio; arqueología de la memoria

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