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Ozone Therapy in periodontal diseae: preliminary considerations for the elaboration of the Guidelines [abstract]


The ozone therapy is now considered a valuable supportive therapy for many diseases, and because of its powerful ability to inactivate microorganisms even in periodontal disease.
Others normally expected effects, such as reducing inflammation and the resumption of the healing process and healing, in conjunction with the fact that the treatment is completely painless and without side effects increase its tolerability and patient compliance.
The primary purpose of this presentation is to show the effectiveness of ozone gas and ozonized oils used in addition to the normal non-surgical therapy in terms of reduction of PI, BOP, PD, CAL and REC and the stability of the results at 6 months.
Furthermore we hope to raise interest in and attention to the methodical and develop further research in the field of clinical application of oxygen ozone therapy


periodontal disease; ozone therapy

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