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Possible errors in pain treatment with ozone [abstract]


This presentation is made based on (more than) 3000 patient’s experience.
The pain treatment with ozone is an excellent one. So … why don’t we have 100% results?


a. Treatment of an irradiate pain like a local one: every pain in
- Upper limb (with no evident cause): must be treated like an irradiate cervical problem, and treated in cervical region.
- Lower limb ( with no evident cause ): must be treated like an irradiate lumbar problem and treated in lumbar region.
b. Traumatical or surgical scars in cervical or abdominal region can explain cervical or lombar pain. The treatment must begin with subcutaneous ozone injections in the pericicatricial region.
c. Pain given by chronic fatigue syndrome
- Treatment in diseases when the ozone treatment is inefficient ( lumbar stenosis, wryneck … )


a. Position of the needle ( paravertebral )
b. Wrong concentration of ozone


pain; ozone therapy

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