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Ozone Therapy: two projects of treatment in Vietnam population for back pain and stroke [abstract]


INTRODUCTION: Here we show the results of two clinical projects carried out in Vietnamese patients suffering from low back pain or stroke aftermath comparing with our protocols with and without ozone therapy.

MATERIAL and METHODS: We did a first evaluation (project 1 - 179 patients) of adding ozone therapy in our protocols for low back pain and stroke aftermath. After realizing of the positive results, we started the second proyect (207 patients), comparing directly our old and new protocols that include ozone therapy. The treatment from low back pain were executed with classical paraverteberal injections of ozone. The treatment of stroke were executed with intramuscular injections of ozone in the affected area.

RESULTS: Comparing with our traditional treatment methods, ozone can improve the speed and the efficacy of the treatment.

CONCLUSION: Due to the small sample size, the results has limitations. However the primary evaluation is a reference which requires to have better collaboration with other physicians in order to increase the sample size and validite strongly this technique.


low back pain; stroke; ozone therapy

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