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Applications of ozone therapy in urology [abstract]


BACKGROUND: Ozone therapy has been successfully used in various diseases for years. But, what about urological diseases? We used ozone therapy for the treatment of several urological diseases.

MATERIAL and METHODS: From November 2016 up to now, we performed ozone therapy to treat intractable urethritis in 16 patients, chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome in 14 patients, chronic cystitis in 14 patients, erectile dysfunction in 21 patients. We used several criteria to test the effectiveness of the ozone therapy.

RESULTS: According to the follow-up results, we obtained complete success in more than 90% of the patients, complains of almost 5% the patients relieved to tolerable degree. The remaining 5% was unresponsive to the ozone therapy. We did not experience of any complications.

DISCUSSION: Our results showed that ozone can be used to treat intractable and challenging urological diseases without any complications. Determining the right patient to be treated with ozone safely, ozone application route and ozone dose are the most essential steps. Therefore, selection criteria of treatable patients must be clarified with increasing clinical experience soon.

CONCLUSION: This study summarizes and showed that different modalities of ozone therapy applications in various intractable or chronic urological diseases can be used successfully and safely.


urological disease; ozone therapy

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