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Detection of circulating tumor cells and intervention with systemic ozone therapy hematic-route [abstract]


BACKGROUND: Circulating tumor cells (CTC) test have been used for detecting cancer cells in circulating blood of cancer patients and it can suggest treatment methods against their cancer.
When it will be used for very early stage cancer detection even if tumor can’t be found by imaging tests like CT or PET, systemic ozone treatment hematic (SOT-h) might be a strong candidate for cancer elimination.

CASE PRESENTATION: 59 years old male patient who is suffering from moderate periodontal disease (AAP grade III) and severe T2DM was checked with dental examinations and medical examinations with CTC test. The data showed that he had 12.1 CTCs/ml +/- 0.3 that is more than 2 times from cut off point 5.0 CTCs/ml. Several anti-cancer treatments were also suggested. No tumor was detected by PET. Since Nrf 2 activation and heat shock protein stimulation are recommended for treatment, SOT-h was applied in order to reduce CTCs in Imperio clinic, Japan. Because SOT-h have been shown it can activate these transcription factors and stress proteins. The patient had SOT-h for 2 times a week during 13 weeks, and then he had it for 1 time a week during another 28 weeks. The results showed that significant decrease of CTCs as 10.7/ml at 13 weeks and 6.9/ml at 41 weeks respectively. The patient didn’t have chemotherapy, but he had several supplements including ascorbic acid and curcumin in accordance with the results of CTC test. Anti-cancer effect by these natural substances can’t ignore. Because they might act for same epigenetic regulation of gene expression as SOT-h.

CONCLUSION: This case shows the possibility of reducing the number of circulating tumor cells by SOT-h on very early cancer stage.


oncology; ozone therapy

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