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Experimental protocol in veterinary on Borrelliosis (Lyme Disease) and Bartonellosis, concomitant cause of many serious pathologies treated with antibiotics, oxygen/ozone therapy and autologous stem cells [abstract]


INTRODUCTION: Many recent publications have spoken about the relations between Borreliosis and Bartonellosis, and pathologies such as Parkinson’s Multiple Sclerosis, LAS, cluster headache, depression, autism, epilepsy, cancer, etc….The aim is to see if subjects with these two infections, pathologies considered incurable, respond positively to a protocol that includes antibiotics, oxygen/ozone therapy and autologous stem cells.

RESULTS: The results of this protocol on serious pathologies considered incurable in veterinary and overlapping human pathologies, are giving good outcomes.

DISCUSSION: The difficult to diagnose Borrelliosis and Bartonellosis in the Lab and variability of the clinical symptoms cause difficulty to both human and veterinary doctors. Even when these pathologies are confirmed by analyses they are treated with a short antibiotic cycle. Because bacteria have systems to overcome antibiotics the pathologies become chronic leading to sub-clinical meningitis that also blocks the correct functioning of the autonomous nervous system that regulates every physiological process. Serious pathologies appear even years after bacterial contamination and mankind’s increasing longevity together with these bacterias’ tropism can cause or has already caused a pandemic.

CONCLUSION: Alternating or combining therapies using various antibiotics, together with the antibacterial and catalytic effect of the oxygen/ozone therapy in the antibiotics and stem cells and the immunomodulation and neurotrophic effect of the Blood Stem Cells can indirectly resolve pathologies considered incurable up to now.


Lyme disease; bartonellosis; ozone therapy

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