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Primary fibromyalgia syndrome: A new holistic approach [abstract]


INTRODUCTION: Primary fibromyalgia syndrome (PFS) is a psychogenic form of rheumatism characterized by nonspecific persistent chronic pain for at least six months at the trigger points (8 to 30 Trigger Points), short-term memory loss, difficulty concentrating, morning muscle rigidity, restless leg syndrome, cramps, neuro-vegetative disturbance, weakness, change in sleep pattern, anxiety, reactive depression, functional colopathy disturbance, sexual disturbance, persistent low-grade fever, interstitial cystitis, postural instability with vertigo and tinnitus. They present:
a)viral etiology from: Epstein-Barr virus with pyscho-somatic substrate.
b)Immune factors: inflammatory cytokine IL-1, T.N.F. alpha.
c)Organic etiology: alteration of biochemical and morphological markers, metabolic oxidative stress.
d)Psychological or traumatic stress : anxiety, reactive depression, panic attacks whiplash.
e)Environmental factors : change in electromagnetic fields, geopathic stress, pesticide poisoning with multiple chemical syndrome, mercury poisoning.
f)Dietary factors : presence of glutamate in food. g)Gulf war syndrome : 30% of soldiers develop P. F. S.

MATERIAL and METHODS: The patient is evaluated from a psychological point of view (psychological trauma), associated with the use of Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Naltrexone hydrocloride low dose and Cell Food-S-Adenosin Methionine. With additional therapies : Mineralogram , Chelation Therapy , Viral Seriology with Labò Live , Micro-immunotherapy (with homeopathic interleukin), Dr. Pierpaoli protocol with the use of vitamins A, D, E, C, Melatonin, Glutathione, Ubiquinone.
-Infiltration of the Trigger Points, mix of oxygen-ozone (O2O3) concentration 15-10 mcgrg/mL in cycles assessed with the Kinesiology Test (K.T.)
-Minor Autohemotherapy (PAET) : concentration 20-15-10 mcgr/mL in cycles (K.T.)
-Major Autohemotherapy (GAET) : concentration 20-15-10 mcgr/mL in cycles (K.T.)
-Rectal insufflation (R.I.) : concentration 20-15-10 mcgr/mL in cycles (K.T.)
From 1988 to 2017, I have treated 900 cases with this method, with the following results : significant symptom remission in the secondary form in around 60-70% of patients treated with infiltration of the Trigger Points and PAET.
In more resistant cases, I have used homotoxicology, psychological counseling, Dr. Pierpaoli protocol and micro-immunotherapy

RESULTS: These method results in good symptom remission in 50-60% of the cases treated.

CONCLUSIONS: In the multi-factor genesis of PFS, an early diagnosis is important to prevent the pain occurring alongside psycho-somatic disturbances, which lead the subject into a reactive-depressive state. In the complex symptom variety, the obtained percentage results have improved with this additional method, as, by alleviating the symptoms, you assure a better quality of life for the patient.


fibromyalgia; ozone therapy

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