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Results of the combined use of Ozone and PRP with a novel skin rejuvenation system called the OxyPin [abstract]


INTRODUCTION: Facial aesthetics enjoys a huge commercial market in every country around the world. To date, chemical peels, laser treatment, the dermal roller and so on have all had a part to play in skin renewal and the quest for a younger looking face and body. Both Ozone and PRP have a role to play in tissue rejuvenation and repair, and when used in conjunction with fillers, new exciting possibilities open to the clinician.

PURPOSE: Show the synergistic effects of PRP, ozone and a new skin treatment device called The OxyPin.

METHODS: Clients were asked to take part in either conventional needling or use of the new OxyPin device.

RESULT and DISCUSSION: The ease of use and low learning curve with this technology makes it accessible for a wide range of therapists in the beauty industry. The OxyPin device is easy to set up, use and clean. The combination of PRP and ozone therapy with the OxyPin, has resulted in outstanding results.


aesthetic medicine; ozone therapy; PRP

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