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Ozone injections therapies for temporo-mandibular joint disorders/disfunctions [abstract]


INTRODUCTION: Temporomandibular Joint Disorders/Dysfunctions (TMJD) were first described in ancient Egyptian literature. The condition has been reported in the medical/dental literature under a variety terms and syndromes. TMJD is the currently accepted term for a variety of conditions in the head, neck and temporomandibular joint areas.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: A systematic review and search of the literature produced the following results:
1. TMJ Infection 2,080,000 Google
2. TMJ Injections 32,900 Google
3. TM Joint 24,839 PubMed
4. TMJ Disorders 16,511 PubMed
5. TMJ Dysfunction 6,439 PubMed
The information obtained from these sources in conjunction with clinical training was the basis for the development of the currently described protocols.

RESULTS: The current treatment protocols for TM Joint injections utilize homeopathic solutions, B vitamins, procaine and gaseous ozone. These protocols have been used and modified since 2001. The results have demonstrated a significant reduction in the pain levels and improved function of the TM Joint.

CONCLUSIONS: Using gaseous ozone in therapeutic combinations of anesthetics, homeopathics and B vitamins have produced positive outcomes in the management of the majority of the very difficult to treat population of head, neck and TMJD patients


temporomandibular joint; ozone injections

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