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Ozone applications in veterinary oncology [abstract]


PURPOSE: To evaluate the clinical improvement of 5 patients – four dogs and a Panther leo krugerii- diagnosed with neoplasic pathologies treated with ozone therapy under adjusted protocols for each patient.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: Five patients were presented to veterinary consultation for the diagnose of different injuries using cytology, blood examination and imagenology in some cases. According to the diagnose (a female dog with mammary adenocarcinoma, another with vaginal adenocarcinoma, a male dog with basal cells tumour in the scrotum, a young male dog with a periosteal reaction radiographically compatible with osteosarcoma and a male white lion with a melanoma in the lower eyelid) the ozone protocol was established using combinations of local infiltration, topic instillation of ozonized oil, major and minor autohemotherapy and rectal insufflations. The results showed an improvement of general state of the patients, decrease size of tumor of patient 1 and complete remission in patient 2 – adenocarcinoma- after ultrasound studies of annual control. In patient diagnosed with osteosarcoma, the active oncological process showed in the first radiological study appeared inactive in the second one, claudication and muscle atrophy of affected limb complete disappeared. Cytology of patient 4 shows total absence of basals cells. In patient 5 – melanoma- zookeepers report absence of exudates and pruritus with normal appetite.

DISCUSSION: There are no clinical reports of the use of ozone in oncological veterinary patients but there are many preclinical papers and human case reports about ozone for cancer treatment (1, 2, 3, and 4)

CONCLUSION: Based on that, it is possible to conclude that established protocols were capable of improve quality of life of the patients avoiding metastatic process and tumoral growth.


animal oncology; ozone therapy

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